"My Mom's The Bomb" winner Dawn Adams!

This year for Mother's Day, we asked our customers to submit a 250 word email telling us why their mom's the bomb, with the winning entrant receiving a free makeover for their mom.  Our past client, Craig Wiroll wrote a touching and sincere account of all the work and love his mother, Dawn Adams, had raised him with.  We were thrilled to have them both here at the salon where we gave Dawn a fantastic full hair and make up makeover.  Thanks for your participation Craig, your mother truly is the bomb! 

 Check out Dawn and Craig's visit in the video below...

Have a look at Craig's winning submission...

"Hello! I am emailing you to tell you why my mom is amazing! My mom has never been to a professional salon in her entire life. Never once gotten a manicure, pedicure, professional haircut/dye job, massage, or any pampering whatsoever. She worked hard as a single mother to raise 2 children by herself and her lifelong goal was to help pay for our college tuition. In 2010 she accomplished her lifelong goal when her youngest child, me, graduated.  The next year she was able to retire from her lifelong job IN HELL! She didn't actually work in Hell, but she worked at the closest thing on planet Earth to it: The United States Postal Service.  You know the term "Going Postal"? Well they invented that term for people who did what my mom did for a living, dealing with moronic customers day in and day out and getting shat on by upper management.  She never ended up going on a murderous rampage, but she definitely came close through the years and that is why I want to help her get pampered for the first time in her life and realize it's time for her to relax, enjoy a fine pampering, and be selfish for once. She deserves it more than anyone, but I know she would never consider herself worthy of doing it on her own (without me forcing her to through a random internet contest). Thank you and please select the best mom ever, my lovely mommy Dawn!"

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