The Eyes Have It ! For the New Year and beyond....

The metallic trend is still going full force in the fashion world, and shows little sign of a slow down.  What is the easiest way to access this glamorous look for yourself?  How about eye make up?  Like the look, but scared to try it?  Let Beauty's make up expert Rebecca Ross tell you how she achieved the sought after look on her model with just a few simple tips!

1.  Start the look with a simple base using concealer and a liquid foundation to match skin coloring.

2.  For the eyes, use a shimmery shadow on the lid  applied with a eye shadow brush swept over the entire lid up to the brow.

3. For extra shimmer, apply loose glitter by dabbing a bit of moisturizer  on your fingertip and then dip it in the loose glitter to make it stick to the skin. Apply the glitter on the  brow bone and wing it out a little past the corner of each eye. 

4.  Apply a very thin line of liquid liner to the top lash line and wing it out to give the eye a more catlike effect.

5.  Depending on the shape of the  eye, I added a liner to the bottom to give a more smokey look.

Voila!  An exciting high fashion look in a flash.  Experiment with different metallic tones to find the one that's right for you.  Glitter and shine isn't just for the holidays, but everyday!!!  To schedule an appointment with Ms. Ross for make up, lash extensions, as well as haircut and color call Beauty 
Eastside at 414.276.5054.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for letting me be the model :) Great Job Rebecca!

    Melissa Zembrowski