Bridal Beauty for 2011 featured in Veil Magazine

Trends come and go, but Beauty on your wedding day is eternal!!  Veil magazine recently gave us the opportunity to style for their fabulous bridal magazine.  In these two photos, hair and make up professionals from Beauty show two different hair looks that are totally unique.  We've used hair accessories by local Milwaukee designer Jaxie, and the images were done by KB Image.

The model here has that fresh dewy quality that every bride would love to have on her wedding day.  With the headband look I think it's important to stay in the ethereal range of peaches, pinks, and neutral on the eyes.  This is a delicate way to play out your big day.  The slight center part and lightly curled hair also add to that almost renaissance feeling.

In the second picture, the same model has been styled a little more fashion forward.  The eye make up is a bit deeper and gray was used to elongate and give here a more dramatic eye.  The blush is deepened as well.  The hair here is side swept and a feather hair clip was used in place of something more traditional.  Feathers are very popular this year, and rightly so.  They add a fluttery, yet classy quality when paired with the right hairstyle.

Yet more ideas for you to think about when considering your hair and make up needs for your big day.  The talented hairstylists and makeup artists at Beauty can help you realize your glamour potential, while still being true to yourself.  Schedule a practice make up or style with one of our professionals and I guarantee you'll be the shining star at your soiree!

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