Before and After at Beauty......

Whenever I see a make over on a reality TV show, I'm always struck by how extreme they are.  The producers I'm sure need them to be as dramatic as possible so that the viewers stay tuned.  In the real world of salons and beauty however, bringing out the best in the client in smaller ways is usually what is in order.  Not to say we don't do major remodeling on some clients at their behest, but the art of subtlety is something that Beauty hairdressers have always strived for with their valued customers.  Finding out what works best for their texture, growth pattern, and daily routine, is what actually brings about striking change.  For example, take a look at these before and afters that were done during a Bumble and Bumble haircutting class at Beauty recently.  The models both look different, but in a carefully orchestrated way.  Sam, our trainer from Chicago, showed staff members that creating movement, and flattering the clients face and bone structure are what a great haircut is about, wouldn't you agree? Shown here are the long layer razor cut, and the razor bob, perfected by the Bumble and Bumble technique.  The fabulous photo's are by Mr. Rory Kurtz.

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