The Braidy Bunch

Braids in all kinds of variations are making the fashion scene all over the world.   Whimsical and romantic to straight up corn rows, don't be left behind,  because anyone can do this trend.  If your hair is on the short and fine side, you may want to consider using some faux hair from the beauty supply to add fullness and length.  Or if you're bold you can use a braid as an accent like the picture below from MBFW where it was done up as a hat band!  From Blake Lively to Nicole Richie,  celebs are also in on the braidy train.  Ask your stylist to show you some simple tricks that you can do, or schedule an appointment to have it done for you. This look goes hand in hand with all the macrame and hippie inspired looks we see on the runway.  For a more restrained look wear as a topknot or bun.  It's all good and it's all about the braid!!!



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