Spring Pixie From The Past!

When in NYC for fashion week, I was lucky enough to wrangle an invite to the premier of "Vidal Sassoon/ the Movie" that was produced by our Beauty friend, former owner of Bumble & Bumble, Michael Gordon.  There was a whole segment in the film where Vidal talked about the enormous press surrounding his on set visit to Hollywood where "Rosemary's Baby" was filming to give star Mia Farrow this now famous crop-cut. Look familiar?  Emma Watson recently sheared her "Harry Potter" locks for a modern version of this look.  One thing is certain however, you must have the delicate features, and amazing eyes to carry this off.  In the hands of a stylist at Beauty, you'll have no worries as they lead you to your own version of a new spring look, whatever that may be.  I just love this picture as inspiration!!!  Thanks Vidal!!!

Mia Farrow

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