Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Novelist Anita Loos singlehandedly invented the myth of the iconic blonde.  With her famous character Lorelei Lee played in the film version by none other than Marilyn Monroe, a whole generation of women pined for lighter tresses.  If you're aching to rev up your locks with some sparkling champagne blonde, it may well be time to make an appointment with one of the color experts at Beauty.  With everything from demi-permanent tints to foil highlights these industry pro's can take you from bland to bold without the brass.  If you're in need of a re-boot on your current highlights but not yet ready for the full procedure, you might opt for a treatment that will help your strands look bright and fresh until your next color appointment.  Nu-blonde by Goldwell is a 5-minute procedure done at the shampoo bowl.  This can be added to your haircut appointment and will blend your shadowy roots with the rest of your color treated hair to make it feel brand new!  Don't be a dumb blonde, call Beauty and see how their color specialists can help bring out the sunshine in your hair!!!

Spring Pixie From The Past!

When in NYC for fashion week, I was lucky enough to wrangle an invite to the premier of "Vidal Sassoon/ the Movie" that was produced by our Beauty friend, former owner of Bumble & Bumble, Michael Gordon.  There was a whole segment in the film where Vidal talked about the enormous press surrounding his on set visit to Hollywood where "Rosemary's Baby" was filming to give star Mia Farrow this now famous crop-cut. Look familiar?  Emma Watson recently sheared her "Harry Potter" locks for a modern version of this look.  One thing is certain however, you must have the delicate features, and amazing eyes to carry this off.  In the hands of a stylist at Beauty, you'll have no worries as they lead you to your own version of a new spring look, whatever that may be.  I just love this picture as inspiration!!!  Thanks Vidal!!!

Mia Farrow

Taking the Red-eye!!!

At the Yoana Baraschi show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I noted a trend that had me feeling a little retro, various shades of deep crimson pink eye shadow on her models. While certainly a more extreme look, I love the way that the rest of the maquillage is played down and fresh, with little or no lip color. It is all about the eye. It seems as though there might be a sheer overlay of gold or some other shimmer powder on top of the pink. Love it or hate it? Doesn't matter really, it's just another fashion idea to consider.


Art Inspires The Viewer At Both Beauty Locations

Beauty, the salon,  has always been about the correlation between art and craft.  The artistry of using your eye to create flattering hairstyles, and the craft of knowing how to cut and form hair into shapes.  The same can be said of a talented fine artist, who draws us into their world on canvas or through the lens of a camera.  Such is the case with the art show currently on display at both Beauty locations on Water Street and Farwell Avenue.

Milwaukee painter Kathleen Yanda, and her photographer daughter, Shain Rutten exhibit their stunning work until the end of May, 2011.  Please peruse the photo's and make an effort to see these wonderful images in person to get the full effect of their charm and beauty yourself.

For more information on the artists, please check out  the link below.

 Introducing Bumble's new TEXTURE creme!

Now available at Beauty, Bumble & Bumble's Texture.  Bb Texture gives hair that elusive, undone-yet-done quality, with a hint of grit, hold, and a tousled, shine-free finish.

Who: Anyone.  All it takes is the right attitude and application.

When: Anytime (as long as hair is damp).

How: Work through damp hair (a must).  Start with a small amount and build.  Let sit a minute, then loosen and ruffle, freehand.  Apply at roots for extra lift.  Use a diffuser for more volume all over.

To learn more about Bumble's new Texture, and other great products, click HERE.