Now offering amazing Eyelash Extensions!

Now you can have the deep eyelash look you've always wanted without the need of messy mascaras and stick-on store bought lashes.   These extensions have been used by celebrities for years and have finally found their way into our salon as a service for you. 

Our new eyelash extension services is designed to offer you full and natural eyelashes with no fuss maintenance.  Beauty can give length and thickness to your lashes through this simple application of eyelash extension.  These extensions will blend into surrounding lashes seamlessly right down to the synthetic root and offer a chance to enhance the overall depth and curl of your lashes without appearing false or doctored.  Our extensions are semi-permanent and will last up to 4-6 weeks and since they are attached individually to your existing lashes, they diminish naturally over time. 

Reasons why our Eyelash Extension service is could be perfect for you:

• You want to add depth and luster to your existing lashes

• You feel your lashes are too short or widely spaced

• Medical treatments have left your lashes thinned and spare

• You want to save time on make-application in your busy schedule (lash extension requires little to no mascara!)

• You have regular allergic reactions to mascara and are looking for a safe alternative for a longer lashes look

Our eyelash extension specialist, Rebecca Ross, is available at our Eastside location for booking.  Call our front desk team to schedule your appointment today. 


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