Bang! Bang!

Direct from the runways and presentations at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC comes the return of the full, blunt bang.  Reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull in the swinging '60's, this is a look that is as easy to access as asking your stylist at Beauty to cut you some!  This type of fringe will work with previously layered hair for a shaggier version, or with a more geometric page boy or bob.  Just remember to come in about once a month to keep them at that eye grazing length.  Works best on fine hair, but if you're handy with a blow dryer or hot irons, this could also do wonders for thicker strands, but you may have to work a little harder.  All in all it packs a lot of impact whether you wear your hair down or pull it all back save for your new bangs, in a sleek, low ponytail.

This look is from the Fall 2011 Callula Lillibelle presentation at MBFW.

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