Beauty at the Magnificent Bride Show Sunday February 27th

Now in its 6th year, Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride or MMB will return to the spectacular environs of the historic Pfister Hotel on Sunday February 27th.  This is not the one-size fit all type of Wedding show, but more of a boutique style presentation featuring some of the wedding players whose combined talents could help elevate your nuptial day to an amazing art form.  The day long event features top local vendors from every facet of the wedding industry, including photography, salons, caterers, bakeries, florists, Bridal attire, as well as invitations, lighting, music and entertainment. Two spectacular workshops given by Wisconsin’s own premier wedding planner Mr. David Caruso of Dynamic Events will enhance the afternoon of champagne, fabulous food, and of course the latest trends in modern wedding design. 

Another media sponsor, besides Milwaukee Magazine is Wisconsin’s Wedding Magazine, Veil,  whom our talented staff has had the pleasure of working with on numerous photo shoots and editorial spreads.  Owner/Publisher Denise Liles says, “If you want to see the very best of what Milwaukee and Wisconsin have to offer the discriminating bride, then this is the show for you!”  The images here are from a sophisticated editorial spread that MMB vendors Front Room Photography, and of course Beauty, collaborated on for the prestigious magazine.  For more information click on our banner ad, or go to


Bang! Bang!

Direct from the runways and presentations at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC comes the return of the full, blunt bang.  Reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull in the swinging '60's, this is a look that is as easy to access as asking your stylist at Beauty to cut you some!  This type of fringe will work with previously layered hair for a shaggier version, or with a more geometric page boy or bob.  Just remember to come in about once a month to keep them at that eye grazing length.  Works best on fine hair, but if you're handy with a blow dryer or hot irons, this could also do wonders for thicker strands, but you may have to work a little harder.  All in all it packs a lot of impact whether you wear your hair down or pull it all back save for your new bangs, in a sleek, low ponytail.

This look is from the Fall 2011 Callula Lillibelle presentation at MBFW.

Now offering amazing Eyelash Extensions!

Now you can have the deep eyelash look you've always wanted without the need of messy mascaras and stick-on store bought lashes.   These extensions have been used by celebrities for years and have finally found their way into our salon as a service for you. 

Our new eyelash extension services is designed to offer you full and natural eyelashes with no fuss maintenance.  Beauty can give length and thickness to your lashes through this simple application of eyelash extension.  These extensions will blend into surrounding lashes seamlessly right down to the synthetic root and offer a chance to enhance the overall depth and curl of your lashes without appearing false or doctored.  Our extensions are semi-permanent and will last up to 4-6 weeks and since they are attached individually to your existing lashes, they diminish naturally over time. 

Reasons why our Eyelash Extension service is could be perfect for you:

• You want to add depth and luster to your existing lashes

• You feel your lashes are too short or widely spaced

• Medical treatments have left your lashes thinned and spare

• You want to save time on make-application in your busy schedule (lash extension requires little to no mascara!)

• You have regular allergic reactions to mascara and are looking for a safe alternative for a longer lashes look

Our eyelash extension specialist, Rebecca Ross, is available at our Eastside location for booking.  Call our front desk team to schedule your appointment today. 


Bridal Must Have for 2011 and Beyond...

Over the last few years, the emphasis for bridal make up has shifted its focus to…eyelashes!  Whether they be your own, or enhanced, this is your moment to shine like the movie stars on the red carpet at your wedding!  There are many ways to achieve the full luxurious lash, so let’s take a look at your options, bride to be!

False Lashes
If you opt for a false lash you have a couple of different options.  For example, if you want a more heightened natural look, you may opt for individual lash application.  This is where your make up artist will attach small clumps of lashes to the baseline of your own eyelash to fill in where nature didn’t.
A demi-lash is a strip lash, which is half the length of the lash line, and meant to be applied to the outer half of the eye to create a more cat- like effect.  Used on runway models and rock stars, this has a more edgy feeling and is perfect for the bride that wants a more stylized appearance.

False eyelashes that will run the entire length of the lash line for a heavy lidded movie star look are called strip lashes.  This would be for the bride that wants to have an “old Hollywood” look.  Easy on and easy off, this look can’t be beat for fluttery and playful eyes.

Each of these types of applications will give you, temporarily for that day, a glamorous, modern bridal look, while enhancing the shape and depth of your eyes in all your wedding photo’s!

Permanent Lashes
Permanent lashes are attached individually to mimic your natural lashes with a special adhesive that allows you to wear them for long periods of time even in the shower etc.  These are great for the bride that wants her glam look to last all the way through the honeymoon and beyond.  I would suggest booking your appointment with a permanent lash specialist like Rebecca at Beauty at least a week or so before your bridal party’s hair and make up appointments.  They look so natural, even your best friends may not know your secret!

Growing your own lashes with a product like Latisse or others on the market may require a prescription from a doctor, so ask about the possibility of side effects.  They would also require you to start using the product daily at least 6 months prior to your wedding.    The downside here is length of time to get the result you want, and then if you like it, continual use of the product to maintain length and coloration of lashes.  The upside is that they are truly your own lashes, and won’t diminish until you discontinue use of the product.

With all the available choices for this hot trend, call us at Beauty today to see which of these services we can provide for you,  so you can have a red hot, red carpet look of your own, on your big day!

Bjorn Nasett