Stylist Josh Weiss and the Cranksgiving Alleycat Race...

Josh Weiss, one of Beauty's talented stylists, is organizing an amazing charity bike race this year.  The Cranksgiving Alleycat Race.  Read below to find out more.

Milwaukee will be having it's Third Annual Cranksgiving Alleycat Race on Saturday, November 6th!  Registration is at 3pm.  There will be an A class and a B class, so all levels of riders are encouraged to come!  There's no entry fee, but you'll need around $15-$20 to cover items you'll need to pick up at the checkpoints.  Money raised will be donated to local charities, along with non-perishable food items.

For more info, visit:

A big hat's off to Josh, for taking the time to give to the community!

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