Throughout the era of the Americans each decade has brought us a new iconic man who has influenced style throughout our culture. Most of these icons have been created for us on the silver screen or in the music industry. Here are a few of the men and the looks that have changed the way we live.


This silver screen star not only influenced the way men wore their hair but did wonders for the sale of hair wax.A precise cut with a severe side part and a whole lot of hair wax for shine. The look was considered suave and debonair like Cary Grant Himself.


This hairstyle was a part of a shift in men’s fashion from the sophistication of the 40’s to the laid-back blue jean and t-shirt look popularized by James Dean and the Pompadour haircut complimented the new look perfectly, it was short in the back with the sides and top left longer then combed up and back with gel for control and shine. The look was instantly iconic.


Possibly never before in the history of our culture has a group of men more influence the dress and hairstyle of a generation than the Beatles. The four lads from Liverpool took our cou

ntry by storm and their Mop Top hairstyle, longer over the ears, shaggy and generally floppy on the sides.

1970, THE "NO CUT"

In the 70's men of iconic style simply stopped cutting their hair. Influenced by the free loving culture of the hippies and the anti establishment attitude, men whore their hair long and natural. Rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream and the Doors became the fashion icons of this era.


Introduce Hairspray; The Rock Star continued to lead the fashion era throughout the 80s with big hairstyles. Bands like Bon Jovi, Poison and Motley Crew introduced men to their feminine side with hairstyle that were teased, sprayed and highlighted and don’t forget the eyeliner.

1990, THE FADE

It was the Hip Hop movement that brought the 90s their strongest fashion icons. Arsinio Hall, JayZ, Kid&Play and Wesley Snipes sported the haircut that was defined by the sides clipped all the way to the skin then gradually building up weight to a variety of shapes on top. This look was largely worn by African American men but also attempted by men of all ethnic backgrounds with mixed results. I.e.: Vanilla Ice .


This is the era of the Metro Sexual Man and for the first time we saw a new male icon. Athletes and reality stars turned models like David Beckham enter the ranks of iconic man.

The Faux hawk was an edgy haircut providing a generation of fashion conscious men a versatile look cut neat and fitted on the sides and back with a spine of weight and texture down the center. This look could be worn laying down for a more polished finish or gelled up for an edgy feel.


Started by the very young Justin Beiber this look is defined by a long fringe sweeping across the forehead at about eyebrow level. The look has now evolved to a variety of length to accommodating every mans face shape. Look for this haircut on the runways complimenting designers throughout the world.

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