The search for the perfect hairstyle has been an ongoing quest since the dawn of mankind's ego. Here are my top ten suggestions for getting it done right...

1. Consultation is everything! Make sure it is thorough.

2. Have pictures to show your stylist.

3. Be realistic in your wants.

4. Be adamant in communicating your needs.

5. Let the stylist know what has NOT worked for you in the past.

6. Ask for a couple of different options.

7. Ask for styling tips, and what products are necessary to achieve it.

8. Ask how often you will need to visit to maintain it.

9. Be honest about your commitment to said style, otherwise ask for something simpler to maintain.

10. Be open to change, something as small as adding bangs or layers to your current cut can do wonders.

These are the most honest ways that I know to really start a good relationship with a hairdresser. Remember, a top-notch stylist will not want to change you, instead opting to bring out your best through their expertise.

-Bjorn Nasset
Senior Stylist

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